Milan Fashion Week

Milan Fashion Week - Get The Look From Versace, Bottega Veneta & Gucci

Every season the glitterati make their way to Milan to see what Italian's finest have to offer. While it may be a little less prominent in the fashion diaries, Milan Fashion Week can hold its own when it comes to bringing the glamour. Known for its maximalist design ethos, secured in the 80s and 90s by the likes of Gianni Versace and Moschino, Italian fashion has held its own in the style stakes with the help of sexy cinematic moments such as La Dolce Vita and The Millionairess.

As well-known for its strong sense of style as much as its pasta, Italy's luxury fashion brands, most notably, Versace, Gucci, Prada and Salvatore Ferragamo, have cemented themselves as the trailblazers of empowering women through bold and confident ensembles. You only must look at the pristinely turned out nonanes at church or the D&G-drenched fashion set around the golden quarter to see the prolific influence Italians have on worldwide trends. So, take your front row seat and put on your sunglasses as we round up some of our favourite Italian fashion houses this season.

Milan Fashion Week


Synonymous with decadence, opulence and a garish confidence like no other, the family-run fashion house has single-handedly been responsible for some of the most iconic fashion moments. Who can forget the powerful catwalk sashay of the original supermodels on the arm of Gianni Versace himself? Jennifer Lopez's jungle print dress? Or Donatella in that bondage-style black leather dress? Recognised by its Medusa logo and the gold hibiscus baroque print (seen on our leather clutch), Versace's survival past Gianni's untimely death is shown through its strong designs, sexy silhouettes and unwavering ability to adapt to the times.

Milan Fashion Week

Bottega Veneta

It may be the brand-of-the-moment but Bottega Veneta's roots stem back to 1966 where it mastered its innovative modes of craftsmanship leading to its now iconic hand-woven intrecciato technique (expertly shown here on the 'Cabat Intrecciato' Tote Bag). Achingly cool and loved by influencers and fashion icons alike (we're looking at your Rosie H-W), Creative Director Daniel Lee's 'croissant' clutch and chunky boots have sparked fashion trends that our-live a season.

Milan Fashion Week


When we think of Italian style, we think of Gucci and with good reason. A heritage brand that began as a leather goods company (Elizabeth Taylor loved the totes), the now-iconic logo of two interlocking G’s was also introduced in the 1950's as a touching homage to founder, Guccio Gucci. But it was Tom Ford's much-needed injection of sex appeal that saved the brand and increased its sales by 90%. Slinky slip dresses, S&M-inspired stilettos and barely-there camisoles took the house into the modern age but it's its androgynous separates interspersed with ladylike accessories that keep Gucci at the forefront of street style.

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