Quality Control

We’ll be documenting our quality control procedure by following a beloved classic through the designer resale process: the Chanel 2.55 bag (227 reissue). There are few luxury pieces as ubiquitous today. In the age of athleisure, when so many of us have foregone structure in favour of ease, elegance feels like a lost art. The miraculously versatile Chanel bag is truly one of the last surviving signifiers of a more glamorous era. Think of this used Chanel bag as your tether to sophistication: it’s our job to make sure that it finds its way home to you in impeccable condition. Here’s how we, as your trusted luxury consignment specialists, accomplish that directive. 


The Beginning of a Long Journey

Quality control, stage 1

Qualitty Control Bag

The bag arrives at our London headquarters in the hands of a team member. Our white-glove collection service provides a layer of added security, as our team is trained to identify fakes on the spot. It is then logged in our in-house inventory system, using the unique code by which it will be identified throughout the duration of its journey with us.  Our luxury fashion specialists perform an initial quality check, in which a ruthless pass-fail system is employed. We do not believe in throwaway culture, and take every precaution to prevent waste once an item is in our care. Items that are deemed unfit to undergo the designer resale process are returned to their consignor at no extra charge.

The Specialist’s Assessment  

Quality control, stage 2

Qualitty Control Bag

Now, the real process begins. Every feature of the bag is recorded, down to the most minute details of its condition. Any defect, however minor, is meticulously logged. An initial description is generated, though this too will undergo many more changes before being officially uploaded to CSD’s online luxury consignment platform. Next, the bag will be carefully hand-wrapped in biodegradable plastic. Extra care is taken for vintage designer pieces which may be extremely delicate. Safe and secure, the item is passed on for authentication.


َQuality Control, Stage 3

CSD treats authentication as an entirely separate process to quality control, with its own set of highly specific, stringent criteria. All of CSD’s used designer bags, clothes, shoes and accessories must pass a meticulous authentication process before being sold on our website or in store. This specialised process is conducted with the help of our partners, Real Authentication, headquartered in Los Angeles. Find out more information about our authentication process by clicking here.

The Shoot 

Quality control, stage 4

Quality Control

The bag is carefully removed from its packaging, and prepared for documentation. Our in-house photographer captures any and all defects. At least one high end consignment specialist supervises this process to ensure that the bag is represented and handled correctly. It is then meticulously resealed and returned to safe storage. This is part of CSD’s quality control process for all of our items. So whether you want to sell designer clothes, used Gucci bags, used Christian Louboutin heels, used designer dresses, used designer shoes or anything in between, CSD employs the same stringent methods to ensure all of the products we sell meet the CSD standard. Sometimes certain extremely rare and vintage designer pieces require extra special care. CSD Luxury Specialists often handle some of the most expensive purses ever made, such as limited edition and vintage used Hermès bags, which need to be treated with the utmost care. When you’re handling the most expensive handbag in the world, white gloves are a necessity!


Making Amendments

Quality control, stage 5

Whether we’re caring for used Gucci bags, vintage designer garments, or a pair of used designer shoes, our process is varied and exacting. Working in close collaboration with the renowned Chelsea Green Valet, our designer consignment garments are collected for dry cleaning and amendments. Their staff, used to caring for couture, get to work: stains are studiously scrubbed out, buttons are sewn back into place, and no loose thread goes untrimmed. Leather goods, like used designer bags and used designer heels, are taken to our partners, The Restory, for luxury aftercare services such as reheeling and restoration. This is a great way to restore some of the best designer shoes, such as used Chanel shoes and used Christian Louboutin styles, to their former glory. This way, sought after luxury shoes don’t have to go to waste and instead join the sustainable designer resale cycle. 



The Pursuit of Perfection

Quality control, stage 6

Quality Control

The used Chanel bag is returned to our headquarters, and checked by luxury consignment specialists for any changes incurred during transit. Its description is reviewed and altered to reflect the current status of its condition. Yet another thorough inspection is conducted once the description has been uploaded to our website. The bag is resealed, and returned to our controlled storage environment. It will not be disturbed again until it is purchased.

Going Home

Quality control, stage 7 

The used Chanel bag, now purchased, is nearly fit to begin its journey home. It is assessed one final time before we lovingly prepare it by hand, using our sustainable yet sophisticated packing materials. Lastly, the bag is handed to our carbon-neutral shipping partners, making its way, we hope, to you.


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