Our Authentication Process

Consigned Sealed Delivered has created a meticulous authentication process in the UK to create a safe and reputable platform for authenticated luxury consignment. We authenticate every single item to fulfill our mission to gain and maintain your trust. We pride ourselves in our team of authentication experts who strive to sustain the integrity of luxury designers.

With the CSD Seal, It's Guaranteed Real

We authenticate every single item to ensure that we maintain the highest standards to keep fakes off the market and put counterfeits out of business. Once items arrive at CSD HQ in London, they are grouped and identified according to their authenticity risk, based on their brand, market value, fashion category, consignor data, etc. The higher the risk for counterfeit, the more rigorous the process. 

‘High risk’ items - whether it’s a superbrand or streetwear - are evaluated by our authentication and brand compliance team of experts, who collectively have extensive experience working with luxury brands. With their deep knowledge of the markers, materials and craftsmanship behind genuine products, they determine whether items fulfill the CSD standard. “Lower risk” items, such as contemporary brands with clear authenticity markers, are sent out to authenticity experts who are qualified to assess specific brands and categories. 

Finally, our Quality Control team adds an additional layer of control and protection to ensure that fakes are not sold on By using the Real Authentication Smart Database Scan technology and authentication specialists, we assess certain at-risk items for further review. The extra steps that Consigned Sealed Delivered takes to ensure authenticity is not the fastest process on the market - but we’re not willing to sacrifice quality for quantity!


We will continue to innovate and adapt our internal authentication processes to ensure that we maintain the highest standards as new technologies develop and as our business grows.


For any inquiries about authenticity please contact [email protected]

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