Fashion is one of the most polluting industries of all time. From the mountains of discarded clothes that end up in landfill every year, to the unsustainable practises and culture of overproduction and overconsumption, the fashion industry is wreaking havoc on the

Fast fashion is often the sole receiver of blame when it comes to this negative environmental impact. And, whilst fast fashion and the unsustainable practices it uses and promotes are a large part of fashion’s devastating environmental impact, it is certainly not the only segment of the industry to blame.

Luxury fashion plays a big part in the industry’s harmful impact on our world. Due to overproduction, overconsumption and a pervasive throw-away culture, luxury fashion discards many perfectly usable items. By constantly producing new products, in spite of the existence of many unused and unloved pre-owned luxury items, luxury brands must acknowledge they are to blame for much of industry’s environmental pitfalls.

Sustainability is Consigned Sealed Delivered’s (CSD) reason for being. We reject the industry’s ideal that new is always better: truthfully, it isn’t. Pre-owned luxury fashion has so much to offer, and we recognise its potential. Our mission is simple and ambitious: revolutionise the fashion industry. As a luxury consignment reseller, CSD are already doing so much to make this dream a reality. Offering an enviable collection of luxury consignment fashion from leading designer labels, as well as a designer resale service which lets you sell your designer clothes, CSD is committed to a more sustainable future in which you buy and sell pre-owned designer clothes, used designer bags, used designer shoes and used designer jewellery with ease.

Vintage designer pieces play a significant role in this mission. Our growing selection of vintage designer clothing, vintage pre-loved designer bags and vintage designer shoes, which includes the likes of vintage used Gucci bags, vintage Chanel shoes and more, prove the longevity of fashion and just how sustainable high-quality luxury fashion can be.

At CSD, we’re open and honest about the true environmental impact of all sectors of the fashion industry. This means accepting that luxury fashion plays a role in the industry’s devastating environmental impact, not just fast fashion. CSD has partnered with several environmental organisations to work on projects and we are devoted to ensuring that all aspects of the CSD process are sustainable.

CSD has joined forces with  ClimatePartner , and with their help, we’ve taken huge strides towards achieving our goals. Right now, our company is funding afforestation in Nicaragua, and reforestation in Brazil. With ClimatePartner’s expertise, CSD is developing strategies to make an even bolder stance on the side of climate action and reducing our carbon footprint day by day.

CSD is also a proud partner of One Tree Planted, aiding them in their mission to plant millions of trees every single year. Supporting CSD supports One Tree Planted: one dollar equals one tree. We’re always keeping an eye out for organisations and partners working to decrease the devastating impact of fashion on our planet. 

No matter if you’re looking to build a capsule wardrobe or simply sell designer clothes, bags and accessories, luxury consignment and designer resale means there is a way to get involved in a more sustainable and considered fashion industry. CSD sells everything luxury fashion, including used designer bags, used designer shoes, used designer dresses, second hand coats and more. Shopping sustainably doesn’t mean missing out on the luxury brands you love. CSD offers used Christian Louboutin and used Chanel shoes, used Hermès and used Gucci bags and a host of other styles from high end luxury brands, including vintage designer pieces.  

CSD’s shipping practices have been carbon neutral since we launched. Better still, we’re aiming to be completely carbon neutral as a company by 2030. Because accountability is key, we conduct monthly reviews to make sure that we’re meeting our goals. We strive for sustainability at every stage of our process. From our big consignment jobs, like working with non-toxic dry cleaners, to the small details, like pasting on vegan shipping stickers, our
practises and processes are carefully considered and designed to mitigate waste and environmental impact.

At CSD, we will never stop looking for ways to innovate, excel, and lead the fashion industry into a sustainable future. CSD’s goal is to make sustainable fashion accessible for everyone, from vintage style aficionados to fair fashion activists.

Luxury resale offers an environmentally-friendly, more considered alternative to the dangerous cycle of overproduction, overconsumption and waste. By exclusively selling designer clothing, used designer bags, used designer shoes and luxury consignment accessories and therefore making use of existing pieces, CSD is helping to boost a circular fashion industry. This model eliminates waste and is the key to a sustainable fashion future. 

So, whether you’re searching for top designer shoes, the most sought after and expensive purses, cold weather outfits or need inspiration to create outfit ideas for spring, CSD lets you find the luxury fashion you want, in a sustainable and attainable way! 

We are committed to continually adapting our processes as we grow, to ensure that we at Consigned Sealed Delivered (CSD) are doing as much as we can to make the future of fashion a sustainable and ethical one.

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