About CSD



Our Vision

The fashion industry is broken and here at Consigned Sealed Delivered (CSD) we’re on a mission to fix it. With fashion’s colossal environmental impact only growing, the time for change is now! Designer resale presents a huge opportunity to target fashion’s overproduction and overconsumption issues. Pre-owned and vintage luxury items are of the highest quality and made to be worn for decades, not discarded in the back of someone’s closet. Luxury fashion is simply too beautiful to go unused. So here at CSD, we’re giving you the opportunity to sell designer clothes, high end vintage, pre-owned designer jewelry, vintage designer coatspre-owned designer shoes and all of the best designer consignment you can think of! Are you on the lookout for sought after luxury pieces but searching for a more sustainable way to shop which lets you purchase designer fashion at a discounted price? Are you eager to procure vintage designs, like vintage Chanel shoes, vintage Gucci bags and rare used Louboutin styles? At CSD, we sell designer shoes, clothes, bags and accessories from a wide array of high end luxury brands. CSD is taking luxury consignment to the next level by providing our consignors and customers with the same level of exquisite service they would expect from luxury brands on the first hand market. We call it the CSD luxury resale revolution and you're all invited! 


Who are We?

CSD is a growing team of international Londoners set on changing the face of the fashion industry. Right now, the environmental impact of fashion is causing so much destruction and the industry’s practices are simply unsustainable. Slow fashion is the future. Lucky for us, pre-loved, high end consignment clothing is the new… new! We define modern luxury as looking good, doing good, and saving the planet, one gorgeous, authentic luxury consignment item at a time. 

As a luxury consignment reseller paving the way for more environmentally friendly practices within luxury fashion, we take sustainability very seriously. For us at CSD, it’s not a simple case of tweaking fashion’s existing processes. Instead, we’re reforming the entire system. Read more about our sustainability initiatives here


Our Concept

Whether you’re buying or selling in the online luxury consignment space, CSD promises quality. From virtual shopping appointments with our tastemaking designer consignment specialists, to a white-glove pickup of your pre-owned designer clothes, we offer a totally bespoke designer resale experience. Thanks to our international community of consignors, we have a curated collection of everything from vintage Aläia and used Gucci, to pre-loved Chanel and runway-fresh Off White. CSD prides itself on promoting circular fashion which means that all of our designer consignment pieces, from our second hand designer bags to our designer heels on sale are circulated back into the fashion ecosystem instead of left to collect dust. If you're guilty of neglecting some luxury gems, don’t sweat! Now is the perfect time to sell second hand designer clothes, vintage Chanel, pre-owned Gucci bags and any potential luxury consignment pieces which may be lurking at the back of your closet. 


Our Story

Want to know how good we are at what we do? CSD launched in November 2020 and our website debuted in March 2021, right in the middle of the you-know-what. While locked down, we realised that the role of fashion in all our lives had changed fundamentally. What effect does it have on us and our planet to be surrounded by so much (admittedly beautiful) stuff, some of it barely worn, or worse, tags-still-on? CSD was born out of two very simple truths: one, the fashion industry can’t keep continuing the way it’s going, and two, we’re going to have to be the ones to change the industry ourselves! And besides, who doesn’t love vintage designer clothing? So, we assembled our team of high end consignment specialists and got to work. Since then, we’ve seen major growth, opening our headquarters in booming Battersea. See what our team gets up to every day by keeping up with our socials. 


Our Team 

The CSD team is made up of fashion fanatics dedicated to luxury fashion, sustainability and, crucially, the concept of combining the two and shaking up the industry in the process. We have a cohort of luxury specialists working tirelessly to ensure CSD brings the best authenticated luxury consignment to our customers. We understand that buying second hand designer items, whether it be pre-loved Chanel suits, used Gucci bags or vintage designer heels, is a big investment. That’s why CSD offers a higher level of service than any other designer reseller because we know just how important attention to detail is when it comes to luxury. 

Want to join our team? CSD is always on the lookout for new talent. Have you got a creative mind and an eager to learn attitude? Check out our current openings


Our First Store

We’ve brought luxury consignment to London’s trendy Marylebone shopping district with our brand new Marylebone Lane store. You can now see CSD’s vast selection of designer consignment pieces up close and personal in the heart of this stylish London hotspot. Pop in for a visit today!