CSD Battersea Power Station Store



Visit the new Consigned Sealed Delivered (CSD) Battersea Power Station Store

UG 29A, Battersea Power Station, Turbine Hall, London, SW11 8BZ, England

Contact: +44 203 0938 069

Opening hours:
Monday to Saturday from 10:00am till 8:00pm
Sunday from 12:00am till 6:00pm
Closed Christmas Day & Easter Sunday

CSD has taken our sought-after luxury consignment to the stylish streets of Battersea Power Station. We’ve opened our new Battersea Power Station store boasting CSD’s signature selection of the best designer shoes, pre-loved designer bags, luxury consignment clothing, used designer dresses, vintage designer items and designer coats on sale, CSD Battersea Power Station store is taking London luxury shopping by storm. Now is your chance to check out CSD’s array of designer consignment gems up close. 

One of the greatest myths about designer resale is that in order to shop pre-owned luxury, customers must forgo the allure of the luxury shopping experience and the impeccable level of service which you receive from the first hand luxury market. And for a long time, this was true. But CSD is leading the way in bringing designer consignment to the forefront of luxury shopping. The new CSD Battersea Power Station store allows us to deliver the same exquisite level of service customers can expect to receive on our website but now in person. Thanks to our new Battersea Power Station storefront, you’ll find CSD alongside the likes of Chanel, Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior and other top designers in one of the world’s most luxurious shopping districts. Visit CSD Battersea Power Station to find vintage Chanel, used Christian Louboutin, vintage Gucci bags and used Hermès designs, along with the best of designer consignment.

Try on CSD’s selection of high end consignment clothing for size at the CSD Battersea Power Station store. Find cute outfits for cold weather and cute spring outfits from CSD’s selection of used Chanel, used Gucci, used Hermès, used Christian Louboutin clothing and more. At CSD’s new Battersea Power Station store we have everything a luxury wardrobe needs, from vintage Chanel jackets and designer coats on sale, to glamorous used designer dresses. Get in touch to sell designer clothes and more with us in the new CSD Battersea Power Station store and online. 

Get the chance to try on CSD’s used designer bags in store. CSD has used Gucci bags, used Hermès designs, second hand designer bags from Chanel on sale now and so many more styles at CSD Battersea Power Station. Find out more about CSD’s vintage designer bags in store, like, what is considered vintage?  

The new CSD Battersea Power Station store is great for trying on CSD’s used designer shoes. Our assortment of luxury shoes includes used Chanel shoes, used Christian Louboutin top designer heels, used Gucci and Prada styles and an impressive line-up of pre-owned high end designer shoes. 

Drop by and visit the new CSD Battersea Power Station store today!