Luxury Consignment

Buy, Sell & Resell Pre-owned Designer Fashion Bags, Clothes, Shoes & Accessories.

CSD stands for Consigned Sealed Delivered. We are a designer consignment service selling luxury goods that have been consigned to us from tastemakers across the world. These rare, pristine, and iconic used designer clothes and accessories are treated with the utmost care. They are examined, restored, and sealed before they are delivered to you, the style obsessive we always have in mind. We offer our customers the chance to buy and sell designer clothes and accessories and more, including the best used designer shoes and some of the most expensive purses in the world. Specialising in high end luxury consignment, our process is unparalleled, and the care we take is meticulous and well tailored to the needs of both customers and consignors. We are among the best used designer clothing websites out there, offering a service that is brand new to the designer consignment space. With our focus on personalisation and attention to detail, we offer our customers a new way to enjoy used designer clothes never before experienced in designer resale. We’ve replicated the experience of traditional luxury shopping as closely as possible, and more accurately, perfected it—because our designer consignment services are helping to save the planet, rather than destroying it.

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