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People have long treated fashion as a religion but now it’s official. Father, son, and House of Gucci.

Fashion’s newest ‘It’ film has made it to our screens. Starring Lady Gaga and Adam Driver, the film depicts the scandalous murder of the late Maurizio Gucci. But what’s got moviegoers talking the most is the film’s fashion! The House of Gucci production was given access to the Gucci archives and incorporated real vintage pieces into the film’s looks.

House of Gucci is packed with vintage designer coats, pre-owned Gucci handbags, and other Gucci pre-owned treasures. CSD is helping you recreate Lady Gaga’s (we mean Lady Gucci’s) best looks for yourself by showing you which CSD pre-owned Gucci products to shop! Read on if you want to dress like A) a certified Gucci aficionado, B) a seductive Italian murderess or C) both!

Photo courtesy of Fabio Lovino / MGM, access via variety website.

Gucci Monogram Mania

Gucci Mania

One of House of Gucci’s most memorable looks involves a lot of, you guessed it, Gucci monogram. Gaga’s character Reggiani wears a monogram Gucci shift dress trimmed with tan leather detailing, complete with a fur coat, gold jewellery and, of course, a monogrammed Gucci Jackie bag. The coordinated look just screams Gucci and echoes Reggiani’s desperate desire to be taken seriously as a member of the Gucci dynasty, a strong theme throughout the film. Shop other used designer dresses for sale which offer the same level of devotion to your fashion house of choice and check out CSD’s classic pre-owned Gucci handbags for the full Gaga in Gucci vibe.

Photo courtesy of METRO-GOLDWYN-MAYER (MGM) ALBUM / ALAMY STOCK PHOTO, accessed via British Vogue website 

Red Party Dress

Party Dress

You know the expression, dress for the life you want not the life you have? Well this definitely applies to Gaga’s character Reggiani. From the outset, despite only working for her father’s small truck driving business, she dresses like Gucci royalty. In one of the movie’s early scenes we see Reggiani wear a glamorous red dress adorned with elegant bows and finished with diamond jewellery. Shop CSD’s range of jaw-dropping pre-owned designer jewellery and pre-owned designer dresses to emulate this level of Gucci glamour. Add a pair of vintage designer shoes to take your look to the next level.

Photo courtesy of SPLASH NEWS, accessed via The Times website 

Gucci Boss

Gucci Boss

Embodying a Gucci boss aura, one of Reggiani’s most statement looks is a gold buttoned scarlet red dress and fur coat, complete with the character’s trademark big sunglasses and bold jewellery. On screen, the look marks Reggiani’s official welcoming into the business side of the Gucci family and she certainly looks the part! CSD’s pre-owned designer clothes can supply you with this killer aesthetic too, including CSD’s popular pre-owned designer shoes.

Photo courtesy of YouTube user MGM, accessed via PopSugar website 

Polka Dotted Dress

Polka Dotted Dress

One of the film’s fabulous nods to 1980s fashion is a black and pink polka dot dress with a square neckline and prominent shoulder pads. The look is completed with an iconic Gucci belt featuring the house’s insignia and the result is a strong reminder of the bold brilliance of style from the memorable decade. Shop CSD’s pre-owned Gucci belts and other must-have accessories from the house.

Photo courtesy of Everett Collection, accessed via Style Caster website.

Lavish Alps Attire

Lavish Alps Attire

If there’s one place you can imagine members of the Gucci dynasty stylishly clad in all of their Gucci glory, it’s the alps. No setting would serve as a better backdrop for the reams of fur and jewellery. Gaga’s portrayal of Reggiani perfectly encapsulates the character’s desire for all things lavish and, in the end, deadly. Shop CSD’s second hand designer jewellery and fur accessories to get a taste of all things fashionable and decadent. If House of Gucci proves one thing, it’s that no one dresses quite as glamorous as a villain!

Photo courtesy of Fabio Lovino / MGM, accessed via Los Angeles Times website

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