We’re all familiar with this scary statistic: Fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world, after oil. It’s easy to point fingers at fast fashion brands; luxury brands have an advantage, as they are designed for longevity, rather than disposability. But luxury brands are leaders in the industry, and are getting creative with their sustainability efforts.


Gucci’s been making waves in sustainable fashion for years. They dabble with environmentally friendly materials, CSR and charity initiatives and in 2018, Gucci went fur free. In 2019, Gucci launched ‘Equilibrium’, a CEO Carbon

Neutral Challenge and one of the industry’s leading initiatives for fashion brands to transition to carbon neutrality. CSD has proudly taken on this challenge. Gucci is now a fully carbon neutral company, and CSD will be following suit by 2025.


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Stella McCartney

Stella is revered for her unwavering commitment to ethical fashion. From her notorious vegan leather to her latest collection which boasts an impressive 80% of materials sourced and manufactured sustainably. Just days ago, Stella launched a sustainably-focused pop-up shop in Bloomingdales NYC, where she features her most sustainable collection yet.


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Vivienne Westwood

This luxury label is known to be a pioneer in sustainable fashion, yet it doesn’t rest on their image alone. For years, Vivienne Westwood has released collections sourced from sustainable materials including recycled denim, ‘forest positive’ viscose, organic silks and eco printing systems. Recently, the brand has launched a campaign calling for brands to SWITCH to green energies. CSD shares Vivienne Westwood’s call for brands to '‘Act Fast, Slow Down, Stop Climate Change’.


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In 2018, Burberry was called out for burning used clothing, and reportedly had burned over £90 million worth of unwanted items to prevent them from being sold cheaply. Since then, they have made big strides in sustainability to transform the industry. This year, Burberry has plans to issue a sustainability bond to fund social and environmental improvements. It is the first luxury brand to do so in a bid to attract ethical investors.


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